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NG Taurus Mobile iOS

This app evaluates an existing ration used by beef farmers in Nigeria to see if it contains enough energy, protein, calcium, and phosphor to meet NRC requirements. If not, then this app can formulate a least cost and balanced ration.

This app also predicts methane outputs from beef ration, which is a vital part of greenhouse gas calculations.

In evaluation mode, you enter the animal information such as body weight, sex, breed, pregnancy status, and milking stage. Then you select a set of existing feeds from the feed library. Then you specify their amounts and prices. The app automatically generates reports showing if the existing ration meets the NRC nutrient requirements.

In the formulation mode, you enter the same information, but this time not specifying the amounts io feeds. The app automatically calculates the amounts of feeds in a least cost and balanced ration.

You can run this app in English, which is the official language of Nigeria, or in Hausa language that is spoken by the Hausa people in the northern parts of Nigeria, where majority of beef farmers are located with little or no knowledge of English.