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Burkina Faso Feed Library

Incorporating Burkina Faso Feeds in Capricorn and Aries

Both the Aries and Capricorn programs uses the same local feed library.  On January 20, 2020, we have received the chemical composition of common animal feeds from the feed market surveys in Burkina Faso. The lab analysis of the feed samples was by NIRS. This is a summary with average, standard error, minimum and maximum values for each feed across season and agro-ecological zones.

There are 140 feeds from four zones. Each zone corresponds to a location as listed below:

Agro-ecological zone Location Number of feeds
Sahelian Dori 33
South Sudanian Bobo Dioulasso 43
Sudanian Ouagadougou 38
Sudano-Sahelian Ouahigouya 26
Total 140


These feeds are grouped into three seasonal groups as listed below:

Season Number of feeds
EDS=Early dry season 42
LDS=Late dry season 54
WS=Wet season 44
Total 140


We have incorporated these feeds into our software.

The Name column is mapped to our Feed Name field and is shorted to 20 characters to comply with our format. We have also added the Season abbreviations (EDS, LDS, and WS to the feed names.

The Agro-ecological Zone column is mapped to the International Feed Number in our feed library..

The Drymatter column is mapped to our DM field

The Ash column is mapped to our ASH field

The Nitrogen column is mapped to our CP field (CP = 6.25 * Nitrogen)

The NDF column is mapped to our NDF field

The ADF column is mapped to our ADF field

The ADL (Acid Detergent Lignin) column is mapped to our LIGN field

The MetEnergy column is actually ME Energy in MJ/kg. We have used this column to calculate all other energy columns in the feed library.

The IVOMD (In Vitro Organic Matter Digestion) column is mapped to our NUT1

The feeds do not have values for minerals and vitamins. We must add local mineral and vitamin blocks to the feed library. We must also add the local feed prices for formulating least cost rations for sheep and goats in Burkina Faso.

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